FastExcel V4 Volume Prices

The FastExcel Family of products

If you only need specific functions, you can buy activation licenses for individual FastExcel V4 products, or you can choose a bundle containing all FastExcel V4 Windows products

  • FastExcel V4 Bundle (All FastExcel V4 Widows Products)
  • FastExcel V4 Profiler
  • FastExcel V4 Manager Pro
  • FastExcel V4 SpeedTools
  • FastExcel V4 Manager Pro for Mac Excel 365

FastExcel V4 Volume License Prices, excluding VAT

The prices shown below are per unit prices for each volume tier: so for example the per unit price in USD for 30 SpeedTools V4 licenses would be $31, and the total price $930.

FastExcel V4 for Windows Licensing

You can request a FastExcel V4 Bundle Trial License here. The trial license gives you 15 days to try out and use all of the many FastExcel V4 features.
At any time you can enter a purchased activation code to convert the trial license into a permanent license.
A single FastExcel V4 product license allows you to activate the licensed FastExcel V4 product on 2 separate systems.

You can also manage your FastExcel V4 Windows License Activations and Licenses using this web-page.

FastExcel V4 Manager Pro for Mac Licensing

When FastExcel V4 Manager Pro for Mac is installed a 15-day trial license is automatically installed.

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