FastExcel V4 Upgrade Offer from V3 and V2

FastExcel V4 Upgrade Offer

Upgrades from FastExcel V3

The upgrade offer from V3 (30%) is not yet available because the special Launch Discount (40%) is a better deal.

FastExcel V4 Bundle Launch Discount

We have a special launch discount of 40% worth $88 or £67 or €78 : use Coupon Code FXLV4INTRO at checkout (valid until 15 April 2020).

Upgrades from FastExcel V2

Holders of a current FastExcel V2 license who have not yet upgraded to FastExcel V3 or V4 can get a one-time upgrade coupon worth $40 or £22 or €26 to offset a FastExcel V4 purchase.
If you have more than one current FastExcel V2 License please contact Decision Models for your upgrade code with details of your FastExcel V2 licenses.

Once you have your upgrade coupon code please make a note of it: you will need it at the final stage of purchasing your FastExcel V4 License.

Request your upgrade coupon by emailing with your FastExcel V2 License code.


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