FastExcel V4 Profiler

FastExcel V4 Profiler

FastExcel Profiler is one of the FastExcel V4 family of products.

  • Use FastExcel V4 Profiler to profile Excel Calculation and VBA performance to show you the slow formulas and VBA statements.
  • Use FastExcel V4 Manager Pro to help you develop, debug, manage and maintain your workbooks.
  • Use SpeedTools V4 state-of-the-art tools to help you speed up slow Excel calculation.

Most slow-calculating workbooks have a small number of calculation bottlenecks.
So the first step in speeding up calculation is to find these bottlenecks.
You can use FastExcel V4 Profiler to drill-down to your calculation problems and prioritise them:

Drill Down Profiler - the easy one-click way to find your calculation bottlenecks

  • Finds the slowest worksheets in the workbook
  • Then finds the slowest formulas on each of the 5 slowest worksheets

Profile Workbook - detailed profiling of your workbook

Profile workbook provides and documents a detailed and prioritised analysis of the workbook and its worksheets:

  • Prioritised Worksheet statistics, calculation times, volatility and multi-threaded efficiency
  • Potential problem areas are highlighted in orange
  • Excel and Workbook environment information and calculation options
  • Detailed control of the Profiling

Profile Formulas - detailed profiling of the formulas on a worksheet

Profile formulas provides a detailed and prioritised analysis of each unique formula and function used on the worksheet:

  • Count of the ocurrences of this formula
  • Total calculation time for this unique formula compared to the worksheet
  • Analysis of the formula
    • Multi-threaded or single-threaded, Volatile or non-volatile
    • Function types used (Native, UDF, XLL)

Profile VBA - Find out which Subs, Functions and Statements in your VBA are taking the most time to execute.

  • "Add Profiler Calls" to your VBA Project
  • Run your VBA and "Show Profiling Report"
  • Drill down into the slowest routine by adding Profiler Calls every Nth line
  • Problem finding out the route taken through your code? Use the VBA Trace

Check Workbook - Statistics for the workbook and its sheets highlighting potential problem areas

Calculation Manager - Control all Excel's calculation settings and accurately time calculations down to individual ranges


Profile Worksheet - detailed profiling of the formula blocks on a worksheet

Profile worksheet provides a detailed and prioritised analysis of the formula blocks on a worksheet,
for each Area, column group and row group

Map Cross-References - see the forward and backward links between worksheets

Memory and Versions - show memory used and available, Windows and Excel Versions

Try it out for yourself:

Download FastExcel V4.

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You can convert the trial version of FastExcel V4 to a fully licensed version at any time by purchasing one of the FastExcel V4 licensing options.

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