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FastExcel Profiler gives you a wide variety of tools to analyze, manage, control and optimize the performance and memory usage of your workbooks. These tools fall into three main groups:


FastExcel Calculation Profiler

FastExcel Calculation Profiler finds and prioritises and Excel calculation bottlenecks.
When using the Trial version only the Drill-Down Wizard is available and it is restricted to profiling a single worksheet.

Drill-down Profiler Wizard

Profile Workbook

Profile Worksheet Formulas and Functions

Profile Worksheet Areas

Map Worksheet Cross References: This command maps the flow of calculations between worksheets.

Memory and Versions shows memory used and available, and the versions of Excel and Windows being used.

Check Workbook shows statistics and potential trouble spots in the active workbook.


FastExcel VBA Profiler

FastExcel VBA Profiler measures the time each VBA procedure takes to execute.

Choose the projects, modules and procedures to profile

Choose either to profile execution time or to trace execution flow

Profiling report shows execution time from highest to lowest

Easy-to-use methods for drilling down to profile loops and blocks of VBA

Individual iterations of Loops can be profiled


Many thanks to Stephen Bullen and Rob Bovey for their help with ProfVBA: see pages 546-500 of “Professional Excel Development” ISBN 0-321-50879-3.

And many thanks also to Don Soloway who extended ProfVBA to handle profiling of Loops and Iterations of Loops.


FastExcel Calculation Manager

Calculation Manager times and controls Excel’s calculation engine.

Calculate Range

Calculate Sheet

Calculate Workbook

Time a Macro

These tools can be used during development and optimization of a workbook to quickly compare the calculation speeds of different formulas, worksheets etc., and, with large slow workbooks, allow you to quickly calculate a small subset of the workbook.




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