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FastExcel Manager Pro: Workbook Management Tools




FastExcel Manager Pro: Workbook Management Tools

Supports Windows Excel 2007 through Office 365 Excel and Mac Excel Office 365 Version 16

Formula Explorer Pro:
View, Debug and Edit complex formulas from cells, Names, Conditional Formats and Data Validation using a variety of visualization and debug methods.

Name Manager Pro:
Name Manager Pro greatly simplifies management and maintenance of Excel Defined Names.

Sheet Manager:
Sheet Manager provides an easy way of managing a large number of sheets in a workbook.

Clean Workbook:
Clean workbook gives you a comprehensive set of tools for eliminating wasted space and maintaining your workbooks.

Check Workbook:
Produces a report with workbook statistics showing suggested cleaning actions.

Check DA:
Checks formulas in Dynamic array Excel 365 for compatibility with previous Excel versions.
Check DA is only available with the Windows version of FastExcel Manager Pro.

Map Styles & Names:
Produces where-used maps of Styles and Defined Names.

Memory Used:
Shows virtual memory used and available, and Windows and Excel versions and builds.

Calculation Manager:
Addition calculation modes (Active Workbook Only etc.), calculation timers and full control of Excel’s calculation process.
Calculation Manager is only available with the Mac version of FastExcel Manager Pro or the Windows version of FastExcel SpeedTools.




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