FastExcel Manager Pro Beta 4.6

FastExcel Manager Pro Beta 4.6 Build 479.798

Watch the Video Explorer 4.2 Overview: Best viewed in Full Screen at 1080P resolution

This build expires on the 30th of November 2019

Windows: Download the Windows Beta zip file

Mac Manager Pro now generally available for purchase.

View the online Help

Supports Mac Excel Version 16 Office 365 and Windows Excel 2010 through Excel 2016 and all Windows Office 365 versions

Summary of changes in Explorer Pro Beta 4.6 build 479.798

  • Calc Manager Keys disabled for Windows, enabled for Mac
  • Support of XLOOKUP and XMATCH Excel functions
  • Use Manager Pro Settings to change hot-keys for Explorer Pro and Name Manager Pro
  • Mac Licensing fixes
  • Revised Help Implementation
  • Fix for Splitter Bars with High-Res Screens
  • Changed handling of Unary Negative operator
  • Fix for confusion between Rich Data fields and Functions with names containing "."
  • Fix for Implicit evaluation when function arguments are expressions
  • Improved handling of high DPI screens
  • Improved Ribbon UI
  • Windows Manager Pro does not include Calc Manager
  • Mac User Interface updates
  • User Interface, User Guide and Help updates
  • Trace Dependents
  • Revised Trace Precedents
  • Check Workbook - many additional checks and statistics
  • Explore and debug Defined Name Formulas, Conditional Format Formulas and Data Validation formulas as well as cell formulas
  • Additional Result Filters: Formulas, Not Formula, Errors, Not Errors
  • Clicking in Results box selects the filtered result rows
  • Expressions resulting in errors are colored red
  • Source Precedent References are colored Green
  • Restricted (Used Range, Intersect etc) Source Precedent References are colored Orange
  • Function Names supported in 96 Languages thanks to Microsoft Excel MVP Mourad Louha
  • Icons are no longer shown by default
  • Multiple modeless windows can be active at the same time
  • Performance improvements with large Ranges, complex expressions and heavy calculations
  • Addtional command button to toggle coloring cells and showing results box
    • Cell coloring off by default
    • By default the Results box is only shown in Debug Mode
  • Improved Treeviews Scrolling Behaviour
  • Mac Fixes for Treeviews Scrolling
  • Mac Fixes for Explorer Pro Form display glitches
  • Improved formatting of results
  • Support for FastExcel SpeedTools functions
  • Full support for Dynamic Ranges, Linked Data Types and Rich Data Type Field expressions
  • Fix for VBA UDFs that do not contain error handling
  • Clean Workbook form persistence solved
  • Fix for Trial License Expiry message
  • Improved formatting for the Source/reference Box
  • Auto resizing of Explorer Pro for high resolution screens.
  • Fixes for % and Unary Minus operators with structured references.
  • Additional Settings
  • Smart Scroll improvements
  • Changes to handling of Modeless Userforms
  • Mac Excel timing resolution limited to 4 milliseconds
  • Updated documentation
  • Implementation of Licensing
  • Many bug fixes for both Mac and Windows

Installing the Beta

Download the Beta zip file

The Zip file contains:
  • fxlMgrProWin.xlam
  • fxlMgrProMac.xlam
  • FastExcel_ExplorerPro_Demo42.xlsx
  • FastExcel Manager Pro.pdf
  • FastExcel Manager Pro Beta 4.6 Known Issues.docx
  • License_FXLMgrPro.txt
When you unzip the Beta the fxlMgrProWin.xlam file will probably have its blocked property set by Windows because its a downloaded file.
Before you can use the xlam file you will need to unblock it:
  • Unzip the downloaded Beta 4.6 file
  • Right-click on the xlam file
  • Select Properties
  • Click the Unblock button

Then Start Excel and choose the appropriate Mac or Windows xlam file for your OS and install it using Excel's Addin Manager

Please report your bugs, suggestions and comments to Charles Williams

FastExcel Manager Pro: Workbook Management Tools

  • Formula Explorer Pro:
    Combines and extends Excel’s Evaluate Formula and Trace Precedents tools to give you improved ways of viewing, validating, debugging and editing Excel formulas:
    • Modeless and resizeable Form – select and modify cells whilst Explorer Pro is showing
    • Indented formula view and Expression Tree View show how the parts of your formula fit together, simplifies bracket forests
    • Drilldown from references to their formulas using Shift-click
    • Auto scroll to show selected cells
    • Show formulas and functions in English or local language.
    • Contract/expand the Treeview of sub-expressions and results
    • Forwards and Backwards debug using your arrow keys
    • Toggle between Expressions and Precedents view
    • Precedents view shows which precedents contain formulas
    • Precedents include INDIRECT, OFFSET, INDEX and their source cells
    • Click a reference or function to color and select its precedents both within and across worksheets.
    • Show the source cells that functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, MAX etc are pulling from
    • Colors the selected result of IF, CHOOSE, IFS, SWITCH
    • See the results of individual criterias in SUMIFS, COUNTIFS etc
    • Show and filter the result values from ranges and array expressions.
    • Show filtered results from the arguments of functions like SUMPRODUCT
    • Handles Structured References, 3D references, Named Ranges, Dynamic Ranges, Intersect, Union, Complex References, Whole Column ranges, Used-Range intersection, Constant Arrays and more.
    • Use the Tooltips, Online help and PDF User guide for a fast understanding of Formula Explorer Pro
  • Calculation Manager:
    Addition calculation modes (Active Workbook Only etc.) and full control of Excel’s calculation process.
  • Name Manager Pro:
    Name Manager Pro greatly simplifies management and maintenance of Excel Defined Names.
  • Sheet Manager:
    Sheet Manager provides an easy way of managing a large number of sheets in a workbook.
  • Clean Workbook:
    Clean workbook gives you a comprehensive set of tools for eliminating wasted space and maintaining your workbooks.
  • Map Styles & Names:
    Produces where-used maps of Styles and Defined Names.
  • Memory Used:
    Shows used and available virtual memory for Excel.
  • Check Workbook:
    Produces a report showing workbook statistics and recommended areas for Clean Workbook.
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